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Today was a very special day as it was the birthday of our dear PM BYSERICC, Dr. Tarimobowei Egberipou. A man with an inexplicable passion for immunization.

After the 470th meeting of BYSERICC which held at the centre, members of BYSERICC, friends, and well-wishers gathered in their numbers to celebrate with the PM on the occasion of his birthday. The event had in attendance special guests: The Permanent Secretaries of the State Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Dr. Nathaniel Akpoku and Miss Dumatein Stephanie Ekinabhari respectively, the UNICEF VSL, Patrick Aghomi, representatives of Zenith Bank Nigeria PLC, to mention but a few.

We celebrate you, Sir.

Hip, Hip, Hip. Hurray!!!

Thursday, 30 January 2020 12:59

Advocacy to Ekeremor LGA Chairman

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BYSERICC has continued to witness more positive fallouts as a result of the advocacy visits made by the different teams that were recently set up. Just recently, the Ekeremor team, led by Ebi Selekere, paid an advocacy visit to the Ekeremor Local Government Chairman to interact with and seek common agreed upon, LGA specific solutions to address key issues affecting Routine Immunization in his LGA. Feedback from the Team Lead indicates that the Chairman was very supportive and promised to intervene in certain key areas to help improve Routine Immunization in his LGA.

Thursday, 30 January 2020 12:39

Dr. Emmanuel Okpetu Says Goodbye to BYSERICC

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Dr. Emmanuel Okpetu broke the news to the house during the 467th meeting of BYSERICC that Friday the 31st of January 2020 would be his last working day in the state. He thanked everyone and briefed the house about his activities in the state.

He reemphasized that more effort should be made to support and improve data capture by health workers in the state. He also stressed the need to support the volunteer health workers in the state since a lot of the work is done by them, while also suggesting that at the LGA level a regular orientation program should be done for them with focus on data tools. He also recommended that the database of volunteers should be constantly updated.


He also recommended that there should be focal persons who would support certain groups of private health facilities as regards ensuring that their monthly reports are sent to the respective platform optimally.

He announced to the house also that he had an engagement with the Association of Resident Doctors at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yenagoa to sensitize them on what is going on with regards to the Second Year of Life (2YL) immunization to avoid having opposition or inadvertent antagonism to the program. He mentioned also that he had a similar engagement with the Department of Public Health still in FMC and with 20 nurses who are key leaders of the nursing profession in the state.

He urged the state to seriously consider having sanctions in place for erring health workers.

He thanked everyone for making his stay in Bayelsa State very successful while also commending the fact that there is a BYSERICC platform that is being properly managed by the PM BYSERICC which he could leverage on when he came to the state.

In a bid to achieve its primary objective of ensuring that every eligible child is appropriately immunized, BYSERICC is leaving no stone unturned. Just recently, and after careful deliberations in one of its daily meetings at the centre, the PM BYSERICC, Dr. Tarimobowei Egberipou, put together different teams (each team comprised of a minimum of three members), to visit, interact with and seek common agreed upon LGA specific solutions to address key issues affecting RI in the respective LGAs.
As at the time of this writing, feedback from most of the teams have been very positive. It is believed that within a very short time, there will be more positive fallouts by virtue of these advocacy visits.

Saturday, 25 January 2020 14:21

Receipt of RI Q1 2020 Vaccines from Zonal Cold Store

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Cold Store Supply 3On Wednesday the 15th of January 2020, the State Cold Store received its RI Q1 2020 shipment of vaccines from the Zonal Cold Store. Upon receipt of the vaccines by the State Cold Chain Officer (SCCO), Assistant Cold Chain Officer (ACCO) and the Expanded Program on Immunization Officer (EPIO), they were stored appropriately for further redistribution to the 8 LGAs of the Bayelsa State.

Monday, 20 January 2020 15:04

Dr Okoro Nwenyi Says Good Bye to BYSERICC

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Dr. Okoro Nwenyi, a Measles consultant with CDC AFENET in the Nigeria Stop Polio Program, during the 459th meeting of BYSERICC which held on Monday 20th January 2020, announced that his 3 months visit to the state would be coming to an end within the day. In an interview with a BYSERICC RI Research Officer immediately after the meeting, he disclosed that he was sent to the State primarily to support the introduction of Measles 2nd dose introduction to routine immunization (RI), as well as to strengthen RI activities in the state, adding that he has worked to achieve this major objective together with BYSERICC and its Partners.

Okoro Secretariat

He mentioned further that his visit was his first experience with BYSERICC, though he had previously heard of the happenings at BYSERICC. He stated that the daily meetings have indeed been interesting, while also commending the manner with which events are tracked and decisions made to make sure that there are no gaps. He also mentioned that he enjoyed the analysis of issues whenever presentations are made while also lauding the zeal of the leadership of BYSERICC towards ensuring that RI is in top gear in the state. He mentioned also that Bayelsa state as a whole is a very interesting place to work; its people as well as the environment.

He highlighted a major challenge of the state’s environment, which makes it difficult to navigate between houses as one has to walk long distances while carrying out activities in the field because the alleyways are not wide enough for vehicles to pass through. He stated, however, that it is part of what makes public health an interesting aspect.
He encouraged the PM BYSERICC to keep up with the good work and to continue encouraging the people as he has been doing because it is quite a challenge to work in a place with such natural limitations. He also encouraged him to continually show the people that their complaints are being addressed.

Friday, 31 May 2019 17:07

BYSERICC inaugural meeting

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There's palpable excitement as Bayelsa State Emergency Routine Immunization Coordination Centre (BYSERICC) holds its first inaugural meeting at their new SERICC building renovated and equipped by WHO Nigeria.

Friday, 31 May 2019 17:00

Q1 LQAS 2019 results

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Dr. Oniovo led the NERICC team to give a standing ovation in honour of the BYSERICC team with respect to the recent Q1 LQAS 2019 results (2nd best performing State in the Country) and thanked the centre on behalf of the ED, PMNERICC, the NPHCDA team and every child in Bayelsa

Mentorship is critical for system strengthening. A Community mobilizer being shown how to correctly record on Routine Immunization data tool as Fixed Session progresses.

On ensuring that service delivery on RI gets to every nook and cranny in Bayelsa State, the team of professionals are going extra miles to get the job done.


Our Mandate

To ensure that every eligible child is appropriately immunized